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10L Bucket with Lid



These buckets are the smaller cousin of our 20L bucket but can be just as versatile around the growroom. Whether you are mixing nutrients in smaller volumes, moving liquids between tap and system, emptying systems of spent solutions or anything else you can think of, the 10L Bucket with Lid may be just the ticket! The lid presses down onto the bucket, sealing it to prevent spillages. Another great use for this bucket is to put some Ona gel in it from a 20L pail if you’re trying to divide it into parts. Pour some gel in, clip the lid on and drill some holes in it and you’re good to go! Or, leave the lid off if it’s really bad.

The things you can do with a 10L Bucket with Lid!

Fishing enthusiasts may also find uses for these buckets such as carrying bait, pellets, bollies or groundbait. With a press down lid, you can be sure those maggots will stay where you want them! The applications of a handy bucket are many fold from cleaning around the home, washing a car, making boring sand castles or even trick or treating (Although getting 10L of sweets might be a bit ambitious!!).

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have larger buckets if you need one! Click on this link to have a look!!

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