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16mm Black Flexible Pipe (13mm inner diameter)


£2.00 – £37.50


16mm Black Flexible Pipe is a food quality tubing that is ideal for use on hydroponic systems and DIY set ups. This means it that minerals and organic ingredients will not react with it in any way. Also, no bits of pipe will come loose and make their way into pumps etc to cause blocking. 16mm Black Flexible Pipe will also easily withstand acidic solutions too, making it very versatile in its uses. Being as flexible as it is, it is very easy to direct water flow wherever you need to go with much less risk of kinks developing. This pinching can severely reduce flow of liquid through it.

16mm Black Flexible Pipe is available by the metre, cut while you wait, or as a 30m roll. It is suitable for use indoors and outdoors in a multitude of situations. With proper care it should last a long time. To help keep it clean, we recommend Keep it Clean! This is an additive that prevents scale build up and algae deposits forming inside pipes and pumps. There are other cleaning agents available on our site under “Additives”.

What other products are available for use with 16mm Black Flexible Pipe?

At Straight up hydroponics, we have a variety of fittings that are suitable for use with this pipe. Whether you need elbows, tees, inline joiners or valves, they are all online under “Do It Yourself Parts”. So look through what we have, please click on this link. Please note that if you are having issues installing 16mm fittings into the pipe there is something you can do! Simply soak the end of the tube in very hot water and it will become far more pliable and easier to install parts.


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