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Maxibright 250w Digital Ballast



The Maxibright 250w Digital Ballast are great value power packs that offer many benefits. Digital ballasts by their nature are more energy efficient than their magnetic counterparts. This version, being just 250w, means it has a low running cost for the light output you get. They are suitable for use with both metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps making them very versatile. The Maxibright 250w digital Ballast is great if you want lots more output than a CFL for the same wattage use. They are great in a smaller space where heat build up might be an issue.

The Maxibright 250w Digital Ballast features soft start technology which protects the lamp from a power spike at the start. This is great news for the lamp as it means it should have a longer life. They also run silently, with no annoying buzzing sounds which come from other ballasts. Quiet operation is very important for some, but so is radio frequency guarding. Luckily, Maxibright have made sure their ballasts have RF shielding which means it won’t interfere with radios, wifi etc. They also have a 1 year guarantee covering manufacturing faults.

While these ballasts are lower wattage than their bigger cousins, we would still recommend using a contactor. The initial power draw has the potential to stop timers working, so it’s best to be sure! You can use any reflector you have with these ballasts but if it is too big you may lose some of the benefit.

What are the alternatives to the Maxibright 250w Digital Ballast?

Lower watt fittings tend to be in use for propagation and mother plants and so there are other choices. We have LED strips and CFL lamps that are great for this, but the intensity will be lower than the 250w ballast and lamp. If you want less output, there is also a 150w version. You can see all our lighting options online by clicking here.

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