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50L airRap Pot


The airRap is a large size root pruning pot that is suitable for the largest of plants! Their unique design imparts many benefits to the plants root zone which makes them well worth the investment. It is the holes all around the pots that give the airRap the edge over conventional pots. As the roots reach the edge of the pot, they come into contact with the air which naturally “air prunes” them. They then send of side shoots which eventually pack out the whole pot with a huge network of fibrous roots.

As well as this, much more oxygen reaches the media, increasing gas exchange. This keeps everything healthy as anaerobic bacteria has less chance of getting a foot hold. The whole root zone has much better drainage, which will prevent issues of over watering.


airRap pots come flat pack and require some assembly; don’t worry, it doesn’t take long! Simply roll it around the base and use the securing screws to lock it in place. There are 4 screws which should be used at even spacing, like in the picture. Apart from that, use the airRap as you would any other pot. They are suitable for use with any media and are great for use in dripper systems. At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a range of media that you can use which are on our site here!

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