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8cm Net Pot


The 8cm Net Pot is very popular with growers using Deep Water Culture (DWC) techniques. With DWC, the roots of the plant bathe in nutrient solution and stay healthy by the addition of oxygen to the solution. That prevents the liquid from stagnating and causing the roots to rot. In conjunction with a 20 Litre Black Bucket and Lid it is easy to make a Do-It-Yourself DWC hydroponics system. Cut a hole in the lid and place the net pot in it. Then simply add a Nutrient Aeration Kit to provide the necessary oxygen to the roots of the plants. The 8cm Net pot is also suitable for a range of other self made systems and being smaller than the 14cm version, may suit you better.

What else can I use a 8cm Net Pot for?

Other applications of 8cm Net Post include aeroponics systems. The plant’s root get a constant spraying with a fine mist of nutrient solution. These 8cm Net Pots are robustly made and will not perish. Net pots are generally for hydroponics systems, so if you are looking for a suitable nutrient you should choose a nutrient specifically manufactured for use in hydroponics or aeroponics solutions.

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a range of nutrients for use in hydroponic systems. To see what we have available, please click on this link.

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