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A.V Ducting Clip (Anti-Vibration)


£9.50 – £18.00


The A.V Ducting Clip (also known as the Fast Clamp) is the perfect way to connect fans, carbon filters and silencers. They are insulated with an inner layer of neoprene. This means these anti-vibration clamps are perfect for hydroponics ventilation set-ups where a professional fit is required. They will dampen vibration and therefore reduce noise in the grow room. An A.V Ducting Clip is a better option than duct tape when two large pieces of ventilation equipment require a secure and sturdy connection. They are available in 100 mm, 125 mm, 150 mm, 200 mm, 250 mm and 315 mm sizes to fit all sizes of fans, carbon filters and silencers sold at Straight Up Hydroponics.

How to use an A.V Ducting Clip

A.V Ducting Clips are made from a thin band of steel that is positioned around your ventilation fitting. The user then tightens it using two connection screws for a strong and secure connection. Fast Clamps are lined with a neoprene rubber lining to seal the connection between the filter, fan or silencer. The A.V Clip offers a very strong connection that should not come loose. Many users also give the connection a few turns of duct tape too, just to be sure! So if you want to make your air flow system as quiet as possible, these clips will help dampen noise from vibration.

What other options are there to the A.V Clip?

Ducting Clips are for securing duct work to fans, filters and metal work. They are, however, just large jubilee clips. While they are great for keeping costs down, they don’t really help with noise reduction. Duct Tape comes in different types and is also for joining ducting. This works well, but with moisture heat and vibration can slowly slough off. They are most effective in partnership with a clip.

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a range of ducting, metal work and filters. To have a look at the Ventilation section, please click here!

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