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Adjust-A-Wing Avenger Reflector



The Adjust-A-Wing Avenger is a fantastic reflector that oozes quality! It is a double parabolic design which reflects light in an even way across the light footprint. This model is suitable for HID lamps up to 600w. If you need an Avenger that will take a 1000w lamp, we can order them in upon request. All Adjust-A-Wing reflectors come flat in a box and need some assembly. That said, this is one the very best shades available for HID lighting and the investment is worth it!

So what makes the Adjust-A-Wing so good?

At first glance, you may wonder why the price is what it is. The manufacturers say the following about it –

“This is our top of the range model & the super reflective surface (95 to 97% reflection) is vapour coated with molten glass and titanium dioxide. PVD / Ceramic coated. This is the most reflective & most durable reflective surface known to science at this time. It will maintain full reflection for up to 20 yrs”.


As well as being extremely reflective, the Adjust-A-Wing is, well, adjustable! You can spread and close the wings to better suit the space you are growing in. Smaller areas may suffer from a wide spread of light as some will hit the side walls, losing a lot of intensity. By closing the wings, you can make sure all that light makes it directly down onto the plants, where you want it. The high reflectivity as well as the adjustable nature means an increase in yield per lamp up to 50%! At its widest setting, the Adjust-A-Wing measures 70cm x 55cm (27.5″ x 21.5″).

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a range of other reflectors should you want something different. From budget fittings to shades that have air cooling features, they are all online! You can see what we have available by clicking on this link.

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