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Air Cooling Reflector, Fan and Ducting kit – Includes 4 clips


£130.50 – £171.50


If you are experiencing high temperatures in your grow room, switching the reflector for a model with air cooling may help. We have made this kit available for just this situation where the user already owns a ballast and lamp. The Air Cooling Reflector, fan and ducting kit allows you to quickly upgrade and cool down your growing space.

There are a few variations in this kit, and they all come at a discount over buying each item full price. To keep things simple, only 150mm spigot reflectors are here, but that still includes the Goldstar and Coolshade. Each of these reflectors has their own advantage over the others depending on what you want from it.

Options in the Air Cooling reflector, fan and ducting kit.

Goldstar Reflector – The most popular air cooling reflector we currently sell. It has a  good light spread, quality build and great reliability.

Coolshade Reflector – This is a basically a glass tube with a lamp mount inside. Air flow through the shade is very efficient as it is in a straight line. Very handy if there are a few in a line and fan flow speed needs to be maintained.

In the Air Cooling Reflector, Fan and Ducting kit we also include an option of single or twin speed fans. We can construct these kits for you with other fans too, if you’d prefer. Just give us a ring or drop in to discuss your needs! You may consider placing a filter before the fan if the air is coming from within the grow room. By filtering the air, you remove any odours that may pass through the reflector and out of the room. To have a look at the range of ventilation products we have, please click on this link.

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