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AIRBOMZ Remote Control CO2 Dispenser


The AIRBOMZ Remote Control CO2 Dispenser is a low cost solution for increasing the ambient carbon dioxide content in smaller size indoor gardens. Plants that are growing rapidly will quickly deplete this important gas in a poorly ventilated room which can severely stunt growth. CO2 is used in photosynthesis, where it is converted into sugars in a complex series of reactions. These sugars fuel all plant processes and feed beneficial microbes around the root zone. Having an ideal concentration of carbon dioxide is a great way of improving performance and yields. Another great benefit of increased CO2 levels is that plants can grow and thrive at higher temperatures and humidity; great for those warm summer months!

The AIRBOMZ unit is battery powered and has no trailing wires that can get in the way. The canister slots into the bottom of the main body and CO2 is released at regular intervals, set by the user. As plants don’t photosynthesise at night, releasing carbon dioxide is pointless. The AIRBOMZ unit has a light sensor built in and will stop any gas from being released during the dark phase, saving you money. Each one also comes with a remote control, giving you control over it from a distance. Please be aware that you may still need to access the unit periodically to change the canister! Lifespan of the canisters will of course vary with use. In a seedling and cutting tent, they can last months as they will need very few applications due to the very small surface area available to use the CO2. Larger rooms with larger plants can see you getting through a canister a week. However, if you get the carbon dioxide concentration right, the cost of the canisters will be well worth it!

This box set comes with an AIRBOMZ Dispenser, remote control, one canister of gas and some mounting screws. Canisters can be purchased separately. Remote control requires 2 x AA batteries (not included!)

Alternatives to the AIRBOMZ Remote Control CO2 Dispenser

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few other products for boosting CO2 levels in your grow room. These include CO2 tablets and Exhale bags. These can all be found on our website, here.

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