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Aquaking 2 Litre Pump Sprayer



The Aquaking 2 Litre Pump Sprayer is a very useful addition to any growers toolbox. Instead of having a pump trigger, it has a constant spray stream which makes dosing easier. The product for spraying goes into the bottle and the top screws on, sealing it in. Then, the user pumps the top handle up and down a few times, building pressure within the bottle. When the user squeezes the trigger, an unending stream comes from the nozzle until it is let go. The sprayer can be be locked on, meaning you don’t even need to hold the trigger down.

The nozzle of the Aquaking 2 Litre Pump Sprayer is adjustable from fine spray to single jet. Simply turn the end and test it to see if it is doing what you want. When you are done using it, it has a pull switch on it for releasing the pressure inside safely. Be sure to give it a rinse out after every use to keep it working as it should!

What can I use the Aquaking 2 Litre Pump Sprayer for?

Quite a lot of insecticide repellents and killers need application by spray. It is ideal for this, especially if you have a larger area to cover. Using a pump action spray bottle can tire the hand quickly! Foliar feeds and additives are also great in the Aquaking. Thicker products such as Fish Mix or Alg-a-mic work well, having pressure to push it through. Again, please be sure to rinse it out after use to avoid it clogging up.

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a wide range of accessories and tools for the grow room. You can see these products on our website by clicking here! We also have Mister Water available which is great for use in any spray bottle. It has impurities taken out so won’t leave scale or residues in the tubes.

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