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Bamboo canes – 4ft (20 pack)



Sometimes the classic solutions are best! Bamboo canes have been in use for centuries to help plants remain upright, lending support where there is a need. If you have done a good job with your plants and you have large fruits developing, the plant may need help! All too often, fruits from an intensive grow are too heavy for the plant to support under its own strength. Count yourself lucky if you haven’t had a plant snap because of this, ruining that plants crop. Bamboo canes are easy to use, simply drive one end into the media, trying to avoid the main root ball. When it is securely in the soil, use some string/ cable ties/ garden wire to tie the plant to the bamboo. Don’t do it too tightly though, the plant may still need to grow a bit thicker and you don’t want to restrict this.

What are the alternatives to Bamboo Canes?

At Straight up Hydroponics, we have a couple of other plant support options. These include Yo-Yo supports and Trellis netting.  These support the plant from above and are very useful if you are growing hydroponically, using no media. You can see these other products on our website by following this link.




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