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Barbed Elbow


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The Barbed Elbow is useful when making your own Do-It-Yourself hydroponics irrigation system or as replacement fittings for existing set-ups. They are a great way of directing water flow around the grow room in a tidy way. Some growers simply bend the flexible tubing where it needs to go, but this can cause issues. While the flexible pipe we sell is, well, flexible; under too much of a bend it can kink. This pinches the water flow inside the pipe, reducing flow speed and also building internal pressure. A Barbed Elbow stops this being an issue and doesn’t cost much. Being a push fit, they are very easy to install too! A must for irrigation systems!

The Barbed Elbow is available in 6mm and 16mm sizes to suit both pipe diameters available. The barb on both ends of the fitting help it bite into the pipe after you install it. This increases the holding ability of the elbow and keeps it in place when pressure rises. Many growers use them to run pipe up and over the edge of water butts which stops the pipe bending in half over the rim. If the pipe is very cold after storage, it may be harder to install the Elbow as the pipe will be stiffer. To ease this, soak the end of the tube in very hot water for a few seconds which will make it much more pliable. This will make installation far easier!

Apart from the Barbed Elbow, what other irrigation parts are available?

At Straight Up hydroponics, we stock quite a few other parts that will help get water flowing where you need it. From tees to valves, reducers to manifolds we’re sure to have what you need. To have a look through what we have, please click on this link.

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