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Mills Basis A+B Hard Water


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Mills Basis A+B Hard Water is a base nutrient that’s suitable for use alongside any media including soil, coco and rockwool. It is also the same formula for both the vegetative and flowering stages of a plants growth. This set up eliminates a lot of potential confusion by having a “one fits all” style. It is a high concentration bio-mineral base that delivers optimal nutrition to plants from start to finish. The ingredients are such that the plant can absorb them even if the pH is in a less than perfect place.

As the name suggests, Basis A+B Hard Water is  best for areas that have higher EC’s out of the tap. A soft water version is also available if need be. Dosing starts at just 1ml per litre in the early stages before rising to 3ml per litre later. A little goes a long way with this nutrient! As with all 2 part feeds, do not mix the liquids in concentrate form as they can react badly. Add part A to the water, stir in well, then add part B.

Alternatives to Basis A+B Hard Water

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a range of other nutrients available in store or to order. Other easy to use systems include Ionic and Hesi, or if you’re after a true 1 bottle for everything, Medi-One. You can find all of our nutrients on our website by clicking here.

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