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Plagron Bat Mix 50L



Plagron Bat Mix is a very high quality soil with the addition of a hefty dose of bat guano. Although this might not sound very nice, bat guano is a great additive for soils! It improves the taste of the end harvest which can only be a good thing. As well as taste, it contributes to phosphorus levels which helps flowers develop and fruits gain weight. Plagron recommend that plants should not need feeding for 6 weeks in Bat Mix, although you can low dose at about week 4 if need be.

Plagron Bat Mix comprises of only the best quality materials, ensuring you get premium growth from your plants. A blend of peat, sphagnum, worm humus, bat guano and perlite make it a great choice for plants. It is not really suitable for cuttings and very young plants as the strength of the fertilizer will likely burn them. At Straight Up hydroponics, we stock Bat mix in both branches, but can also order a pallet of 55 upon request.

What are the alternatives to Plagron Bat Mix?

Our other soils are also top quality options, should you want something else. We have both fertilized and unfertilized soils available online and in store. You can see what we have by clicking on this link. If you want to try adding bat guano to your soil, but have already got a different brand, all is not lost! We have Guanokalong bat guano powder available in 1kg and 5kg tubs, ready to mix into your media. We also keep Guanokalong Liquid Taste Improver which you add to your nutrient mix.

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