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Bio Balancer from CX Horticulture


Bio Balancer is a blend of high quality foods that beneficial micro organisms love. Many growers underestimate the importance of rootzone microbiology, but it can make a huge difference to end results. By feeding these friendly bacteria directly, they won’t have to tap into resources made by or in use by the plant. They will rapidly grow and colonise the root zone where they give the plant a few advantages.

By increasing the good micro organisms quickly, you deny growing space for the bad ones. The beneficials easily outnumber and outcompete the bad so they haven’t the room or resources to develop. Bio Balancer helps prevent root rotting diseases and assists plants in the uptake of nutrients. It also gives flowering a boost and helps improve overall health. It is suitable for use from the beginning of the grow, right through to flushing. Mix at a ratio of 1ml per litre in run to waste systems and 1ml per 4 litres in recirculating set ups. Always give the bottle a good shake before use to ensure an even mixing of ingredients.

Bio Balancer is perfect for use with any substrate and with any plant.  Simply mix in with your normal feeding system, making sure to mix the tank between each bottle!

Alternative to Bio Balancer

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have other products that will help feed beneficial micro organisms and some that contain them. You can find all of our additives on our website by following this link.

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