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Biobizz Fish Mix 100% Organic Grow Fertilizer 1L



Biobizz Fish Mix is an organic plant nutrient for the vegetative stage as well as a highly effective soil conditioner. It is a 100% organic product suitable for plants in all types of soil mix as well as in coco coir. Biobizz Fish Mix is a mixture of vinasse (soluble molasses condensate) from sugar beet and fish proteins that have been broken down using enzyme hydrolysis. Biobizz Fish Mix can be used to feed both plants and the soil they are grown in. Along with the NPK nutrients that directly feed the plants, it also conditions the soil, stimulating the growth of micro-organisms and beneficial bacteria in soils and coco-based substrates.

Getting the most out of Biobizz Fish Mix

Many outdoor growers use Fish Mix instead of Biobizz Bio Grow when following the grow schedule, but it is not really suitable for indoor growing due to its pungent fishy smell. Biobizz Fish Mix is available in 1 litre and 5 litre bottles. As a conditioner of poor soils, can transform poor soil into rich, ‘fat’ soil within a few days. Use 2-4ml per litre of water when applying Biobizz Fish Mix to soil.

It can also suitable for use as a foliar spray. Ensure you use a weak dilution of Biobizz Fish Mix when using it as a foliar application. Use only 1-2ml per litre when applying to leaves. The results can be spectacular! Amino acids, B vitamins and natural trace elements make it a complete fertilizer mix, suitable for the vegetative stage of your plants’ development. Many customers use Biobizz Fish Mix instead of Biobizz Bio Grow, or combine the two, using half dosages of each.

We always suggest following the manufacturers schedule. This is to ensure your plants will get everything it needs, right when it needs it. Their research will give your plants the greatest edge possible!

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