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Biobizz Outdoor Try Pack



The Biobizz Outdoor Try Pack is great value box containing the essentials for a small outdoor organic grow. The  Outdoor Try Pack contains Bio Bloom 250ml, Fish Mix 250ml and Top Max 250ml. This combination of the main Biobizz macro nutrients plus a bloom stimulator will allow the outdoor grower to gain experience. The Biobizz organic nutrients in a Try Pack provide basic feeding for 1-4 plants covering both the vegetative and flowering phases of plant growth.

If you have ever wanted to give organic nutrients a try, the Biobizz Outdoor Try Pack is great value entry into the world of organic gardening. For an introductory price of only £10, the box contains all the basics for a complete outdoor grow.

Biobizz Fish Mix is a superb quality soil enhancer and nitrogen-rich nutrient for the vegetative phase. When the light cycle changes and the plants move into the flowering/bloom phase, add Bio Bloom and Top Max to ensure your plants receive all the necessary macro nutrients and bloom stimulants for a successful outdoor grow. If you choose to use the Biobizz Outdoor Try Pack indoors, please bear in mind that Fish Mix has a distinctly fishy aroma that many people find a little overwhelming inside the house.

Biobizz Try Packs are not only a great introduction to organic nutrients and additives, they are also great value. This means for very little investment you can have a go at organic growing. These Try Packs would be a perfect gift to a keen gardener who wants to give something new a try. And of course established organic growers will be snapping up these bargain boxes when they need a few organic essentials.

If organic cultivation is your choice of growing technique, let Biobizz make it easy for you. Grow like a pro with a quality set that’s designed to be easy to use and easy on the wallet!

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