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Bloom 2


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BioGreen Bloom 2 is a high-quality plant fertilizer that is suitable for use in all mediums. It contains all of the macro and micro-nutrients plants need for maximum top growth and flowering. Bloom 2, as the name suggests, is for use during the blooming stage, right up to flushing. All ingredients are from the purest raw materials and there are no perfumes, colours or ballasts – everything in the bottle is made to be absorbed and used by the plant.

Bloom 2 contains phosphorus to assist flowering while keeping the rootzone growing healthily. Potassium maximizes top end growth to really enhance the quality and quantity of the final yield and the magnesium enhances chlorophyll and protein production.

BioGreen Bloom 2 visibly improves the condition of the flowers and fruits and stimulates an explosion in blooming. Give your plants Bloom 2 from the first weeks of flowering up until the flushing stage. As with many nutrients, it’s best to give it in gradually increasing doses. If you are using highly fertilized soil, such as Biobizz All Mix or Plagron Bat Mix, use Bloom 2  between 1 & 3 times a week. For inert media and hydroponic medias, you can apply daily if that is how often you water. Always be careful not to overdose!

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