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Blue Sticky Insect Traps (10 pack)


Blue Sticky Insect Traps are for use in and around the grow room and have two main purposes for gardeners. The first is monitoring what kinds of insects are inhabiting your grow room, allowing you to select the correct treatment to combat them. The second, and more popular use, is to capture and neutralise insects that can be rapidly infesting your plants. They are great in combination with pesticides, hitting the bugs in different ways.

These Blue Sticky Insect Traps are made to attract and trap thrips only. They tend to be more drawn to this colour than the traditional yellow and are very useful if you are using thrip predators. These are not attracted to the blue like the thrips are, so their numbers are not reduced by the traps.

Alternatives to the Blue Sticky Insect Traps

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have yellow traps available too for general insect control. As well as those, we have a range of pesticides and smoke bombs to prevent and kill bugs. You can see them on our website by clicking here.

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