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Maxibright Pro CFL Reflector

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The Maxibright Pro CFL reflector is our premium reflector for CFL lamps. Made from good quality materials and built to last, this reflector will stand the test of time! This will ensure you get plenty of service for your money. The Maxibright Pro CFL reflector is made to take 125w and 250w versions of the CFL, making it a flexible option for your grow room. This reflector has an on/ off switch on the body so you can control it in situ if need be.

The Maxibright Pro CFL reflector is made with a powder coated steel frame and a reinforced spine to allow for the weight of heavy bulbs. Cheaper reflectors have been known to let the bulb sag down over time… no such problem with this reflector! The reflector has a standard plug which you just plug into the wall. Simple! Alternatively, they are fine for use with a heavy duty contactor timer.

What is the best use for the Maxibright Pro CFL Reflector?

CFL (Compact Fluorescent Lamp) bulbs are a low wattage source of light that are great for a few jobs in the grow room. Young plants need a less intense light than that for intense growth later on. The CFL is perfect for bringing on cuttings and seedlings as it has a less intense light. They are also great for keeping a mother plant ticking over, should you have one. However, you will still want to get the most out of the lamp. The shape of the lamp, as many others, means lots of light goes up and sideways, away from the plants. The reflector bounces as much of this light as possible, back towards the plants.

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few other options when it comes to propagation light. You can see these on our website by clicking here!

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