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Chikamasa Scissors (Model T-552)


The Chikamasa Scissors are a great addition to any grow room tool box. They feature a few design points that put them ahead of the competition, starting with the carbon steel blades. Manufactured in Japan, these blades are known to keep their sharpness after years of use. They can be used for cutting through tomato vines and bonsai branches with no problem. With the right care (perhaps a few drops of mineral oil after use) they will last and last. A strong spring between the handles enables the blades to return to the open position quickly. Not only this but hand fatigue is vastly reduced as you’re doing half the work. Fast, efficient snipping becomes a breeze!

The plastic coated handles fit nicely in the hand and the smooth movement of the blades make using these scissors a joy (as far as scissor use goes!). With 45mm of cutting surface, the blades can reach in between small gaps for accurate snipping. Lastly, there is a rubber loop on the hand grip that slides over the other handle.This keeps the scissors closed, protecting the blades.

Other uses:

Chikamasa Scissors great in the grow room, but can be used in any situation needing strong scissors. Cutting tough fabric, lino, leather, wires, carpet or even food such as bacon, poultry and vegetables. Just be sure to keep them clean and they’ll give you years of service.

We really like these scissors, and they are popular with customers too! If you want something different, Straight Up Hydroponics sell Easy Snip Trimming Scissors or Mini Clipper Scissors.

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