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Clip On Fan



The Clip on Fan is a very useful gadget to have around the grow room. They help keep air moving around the grow room while taking up no floor space. The Clip on Fan can attach to tent poles and board like surfaces such as shelves or doors. They are also great if you spend a lot of time at a hot desk and you want something to cool you down! Please be aware that a fan such as this is no substitute for a good ventilation system if you want to control heat! The Clip on Fan is 15cm across the blades and has 2 speeds it can run at. They are not massively powerful, but that is not what they are for. They keep air moving over the plants leaves, improving their growing conditions. The head of these fans do not oscillate, instead remaining static.

Why should I be using a Clip on Fan?

Fans in the grow room have a few benefits. They keep air around the plants fresh and ensure a steady flow of carbon dioxide to the leaf surfaces. The air movement across leaves also assists the plant in transpiration. This is the method by which the plant moves liquids about its system. More evaporation from the leaves means roots will take more water up and nutrients with it. More air movement means there will be less heat build ups in pockets around the garden. This helps keep temperatures even throughout and so the plants will be much healthier. A small investment in a fan or two can really boost the performance of your garden!

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a range of fans that are great for other tasks in the grow room. Of course, in the warmer months you might just need something in your front room! Either way, you can see all of the options on our website by clicking on this link.

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