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Compact Magnetic Ballast


£55.00 – £60.00


The Compact Magnetic Ballast powers high intensity discharge (HID) lamps. They have a fully encapsulated choke inside the injection moulded resin case ensure very quiet running. They will power both high pressure sodium (HPS) and Metal Halide (MH) lamps of matching wattage. The Compact Magnetic Ballast is not adjustable light a modern digital ballast, but many still choose them for the cost. This type of ballast has been around for years and will no doubt be around for years to come. They are very reliable units; some of our customers say they have been running theirs for years!

The Compact Magnetic Ballast comes with a 2m cable for connecting to any standard IEC plug reflector. They are available by themselves or as part of a lighting kit for even better value for money! Many people comment on the running temperature of magnetic ballasts, asking if it is normal. All magnetic ballasts get pretty hot during operation; it is a by product of the internal workings. As such, we always recommend allowing plenty of room around the ballast and even keeping it up on a brick if possible. Also, don’t mount them very close to each other if you have more than one. The heat will not be able to escape and this can end up damaging them. Many growers mount a fan near them to help cooling.

What are the alternatives to the Compact Magnetic Ballast?

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we stock a few different ballasts, both magnetic and digital. The Parbright (formerly Eurolux) ballast is a budget magnetic ballast that remains ever popular due to the cost. Then we have digital versions that are more efficient, adjustable and run cooler, but the price tends to be higher. All of these options are on our website and you can see them under the Lighting section or by clicking here.


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