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Crop Guard Dust Off 250ml


Crop Guard Dust Off is a treatment for powdery mildew as well as a preventative. When plants experience higher humidity and poor ventilation, mould can easily develop. Mildew starts as white, dusty looking spots that, without treatment, will rapidly spread across the plant. The spots join and the fungus makes a blanket across the leaf surfaces where it will release more spores to help it propagate. With a covering of fungus, leaves are unable to absorb light and so can’t grow effectively.

Crop Guard Dust Off treats powdery mildew quickly and usually in just one treatment. It will help return your plants leaves to a healthy, green state. It is also fantastic as a preventative to stop the fungus ever taking hold in the first place. Mixing at 20ml per litre, apply Crop Guard Dust Off above and below the leaves, 14 days after planting. Continue use every fortnight until 14 days before harvest. Be sure to apply either in, or right before the night phase of the light cycle. This will stop the light magnifying on the leaf surface where it will burn them. Always give the bottle a good shake before each use to ensure all of the ingredients are in the mix.

Alternatives to Crop Guard Dust Off

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few other products for treating fungus and insect attack on plants. Another good one for powdery mildew is PMT from CX Horticulture. You can find this, and all our other products for treating pests online by clicking here.

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