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Deep Clean 100ml


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Deep Clean is a very effective insecticide that will control a wide range of pests. It has a powerful action but is suitable for use on a huge range of plants from ornamental to edible. It is non-organic sprayable solution and is fine for use throughout the whole plant cycle. The manufacturer suggests, however, that it is not suitable for use in the last 7 days before harvest.

Deep Clean has undergone reformulation and re-release to comply with all the necessary regulations. Its registration is complete and it has approval for use within the hydroponic industry. Its new MAPP number 16464. It is effective on a number of plant pests including thrips, aphids, beetles, beet fleas and most sucking/chewing pests found on ornamental and edible crops. The dosage rate of Deep Clean is 5ml per litre, meaning one 100ml bottle will make 20 litres of spray!

What are the alternatives to Deep Clean?

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a range of products for the control of insects and disease. Some are for general use, controlling a range of bugs, others target specific pests. They come in a variety of forms from sprays to tank additives, sulphur burners to sticky pads. You can see everything we have for pest control on our site by clicking on this link.

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