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DimLux Expert 1000w 400v DE EL UHF Complete kit

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DimLux bring the most complete, top end lighting system to the market. It has features that take it beyond the competition. The Alpha Optics 98 Reflector combined with the Xtreme ballast makes for a system with the highest light output and reflector efficiency on the market. When used in combination with the Maxi Controller, the user gains unmatched control over the lighting in their grow room as well as maximum performance!


Alpha Optics 98 Reflector: This reflector has been developed according to the Single Bounce Clear Sight principle and features a Miro Silver finish. This results in a reflectivity of the highest efficiency, coming in at 98% which incredibly high for a reflector and ensures your lamp is being used to its absolute max. The sides of the reflector are also adjustable to 2 positions allowing the user to alter light spread and reduce wall loses. The reflector also has cooling vents for the heat to passively rise and move away from the lamp, increasing the lifespan and efficiency of the lamp. Also available are extensions for the reflector so you can direct even more light to where you need it!

Reflector cooling

50mm cooling system:  The DimLux system includes an option whereby the user can attach a length of 50mm ducting to the reflector. This helps actively draw the heat away from the lamp. This has 2 main benefits which are increasing the lamp life and efficiency but perhaps more importantly it helps reduce the overall heat in the grow room, as even the most efficient 1000w lamp puts out a significant amount of heat. DimLux have even made available, custom T-pieces for 150mm, 200mm and 250mm ducting, with a 50mm opening for the heat extraction. This can then be put into your existing ducting system with minimal disruption!

Custom built ballasts

Xtreme Ballast: The DimLux ballast is part of a new generation of electrical ballasts that can convert voltage; drawing 240v from standard supply and converting to 400v for powering top quality lamps. By using UHF (Ultra High Frequency) PAR light is goes up while operating temperature goes down. Under optimal conditions, this alone could result in an increase of between 10-20%. The ballasts also offer an amazing 7 dimming options compared to most other brands 3-4. This includes 2 “boost” settings that allow you to safely overclock the bulb for even greater light output, which is up to 15% extra than the 1000w setting!

It’s versatile too!

Even better, connecting the DimLux to the Maxi Controller gives the flexibility to move from “step” dimming to “continuous” dimming effectively allowing any wattage output between the minimum and maximum. Simply pressing the + & – buttons adjusts brightness or you can set a desired temperature and the controller will adjust lamp output to maintain it. All dimming, be it step  or continuous, is a “soft dim”. This means that rather than snapping straight from one wattage to another, the wattage gets a gentle increase or decrease to ease the strain on the bulb and eliminate power draw spikes.

These are some of the key features of the Dimlux system and there are more! You can check out more details on their website here!


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