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Dry Pot


The Dry Pot is a low cost method of removing moisture from the air. This can be important during an indoor grow, especially as flowering goes on. Many growers experience issues of bud rot due to the fact that humidity is too high. When this happens, flowers and tight buds become damp and if there is a lack of air flow over them, can quickly rot. Ideally, flowering plants would be at around 50% humidity to help reduce the risk of this, but it’s isn’t always easy to do.

The Dry Pot is also very helpful if your crop is due to be dried after harvest, as it can speed up the process. Simply set the box up in close proximity to your harvest and the calcium chloride granule will begin absorbing moisture. The box can remove up to 800ml of water and are ideal for covering about 1.2m square. After use, simply dispose of with your rubbish (or recycle the plastic if you can!)

Alternatives to the Dry Pot

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have drying nets to help with crop drying as well as a range of fans to keep air moving. To have a look at the drying nets, please click here!

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