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Easy Roll Hangers



Easy Roll Light Hangers from Sacla are yo-yo action lighting fixture hangers for easy adjustment of grow light height. With a handling capacity of 5 Kgs, Easy Roll Light Hangers are the easiest way to hang your lighting system over your plants. They do this and adjust accurately with minimal fuss. They feature an inertia clutch and automatic locking system allowing you to adjust the position of the reflectors. Easy Rolls adjust to any height allowing you to lower and raise your lights with ease. Easy Rolls are sold in packs of 2.

It is essential to be able to raise and lower lighting fittings in the grow room. As plants grow, the lights will need to be raised accordingly and Easy Roll Light Hangers allow this to be done without dismantling the lighting system and therefore potentially damaging your plants in the process. Simply lighten the wing nuts on the hangers when the lowest position for the reflector is established, and when you then lift the reflector it will remain in its new position with no more action needing to be taken. To lower the reflector, loosed the wing nut, lower the reflector, and then tighten the wing nut once again. Simple!

What are the alternatives to Easy Roll Hangers?

At Straight Up Hydroponics we have a few other options with regards to light hangers. Ratchets are another popular choice as they are easily adjustable too. They are also very strong and can take an impressive weight! You can see these products on our website by clicking on this link!

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