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Eazy Block


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The Eazy Block is for use after the initial propagation in a starter block. The Eazy Plugs fit perfectly into the recess and  the block offers every advantage the plugs do. They have predetermined and buffered pH (5.5 – 6.0) and  EC (1.0) values as well as self-regulating air to water ratio. The Eazy Block maintains the perfect environment for plants to thrive in while being very easy to use.

The structure of the block is such that it requires no wrapping to keep it together. Therefore, when roots reach the boundary of the block, air pruning takes place. The root tip stops growing due to the drier air and starts generating side shoots and more root hairs. The plant with rapidly fill the available space with a healthy network of dense roots, maximising nutrient and water absorption. One of the best features of Eazy Blocks are their longevity in storage. As they are a dry medium, they have an unlimited shelf life under normal conditions. Without moisture, mould and fungus cannot grow, and the block remains in perfect condition until you’re ready to use it. Simply soak and drain when you’re ready to use them – over watering is almost impossible as long as the block can drain.

The organic nature of these blocks make them ideal for use when potting into soil and coco but are also good for some hydro systems. Please be aware that over time they can compost, break down and clog pipework in systems such as aeroponics.

Alternatives to Eazy Blocks

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a range of media for plants. Comparable products for putting starter blocks in include rockwool block and Jiffy cubes. All of our media products are on our website, and you can see them by clicking here.

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