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Ecothrive Neutraliser


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Ecothrive Neutralise will instantly remove chlorine and chloramine from tap water, improving it’s quality straight away. Chlorine in tap water is there as a disinfectant, killing potentially harmful bacteria that might be picked up in the pipe system. While this is great for the health of the population, it isn’t very good for root-zone biology. Beneficial microbes accelerate nutrient absorption and root development and chlorine will kill them off the same as any other microbe. Research has shown that when top watering with tap water, the surface and top third of the media are affected by chlorine and chloramine, effectively stunting the potential of your root zone.
If you are an organic gardener, you’re probably aware of, and might even be actively stimulating the microbial population around the roots. If you are using microbial additives or teas, chlorine from tap water will quickly render them pointless. Ecothrive Neutralise will remove the chlorine and make the water far safer for the beneficial bacteria and fungi. It’s main ingredient is concentrated vitamin C which, when added to tap water, will be rapidly oxidized by the chlorine. The chlorine is reduced to chloride during this process, which is harmless to plants (in fact it is a micronutrient, and needed by plants in tiny doses).
Ecothrive Neutralise is a low cost way of making water safer for the root zone colonies and a little goes a long way. If using the dropper, apply at on drop per litre. If you have the larger bottle, 1ml will treat 20L of water. Neutralise is formulated to deal with 0.6mg/L of chlorine which should cover most UK tap waters. If you can measure the chlorine content of your water and find it is higher than 0.6mg/L, you can double dose to get the desired effect.
Alternatives to Ecothrive Neutralise

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