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Elite 91 Clones 500ml


Elite 91 Clones is a powerful liquid rooting compound that will deliver very high success rates. Instead of a single hormone that other cloning products use, it is a combination of 2. The potent formula quickly penetrates the plant tissues and stimulates the rapid generation of strong, healthy, white roots. As it is a liquid, dipping a clone in it gives an even distribution and absorption in the stem, resulting in more roots. The quick absorption means that when you place it into a rooting cube or soil, it will not wipe or wash off, as it is already inside the plant tissues.

Elite 91 Clones is a universal rooting liquid, meaning it is perfect for use on a broad range of plants, including hardwoods and softwoods. As with any other cloning product, pour some out into a clean container and dip the cuttings in that to prevent contamination of the bottle. To use, take the cutting using a clean, sterile blade and hold the cut end in Elite 91 Clones for between 5 and 20 seconds (submerge between 15 to 25mm). This allows the penetration to occur which makes the product so effective. Place the cutting in the preferred media and keep in a warm, humid place until roots develop – a propagator is perfect.

Alternatives to Elite 91 Clones

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we also stock Clonex, which has long been a very popular choice for taking clones. You can find it along with scalpels, propagators and the like on our website by clicking here.

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