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Emerald Harvest 2 Part Cali Pro Kick Starter kit


The Emerald Harvest 2 Part Cali Pro Kick Starter kit is available if you want to have a go with something new! It contains 0.96L versions of each of the main bottles in the 2 part system and should be enough to see around 4 plants through a grow. See for yourself why Emerald Harvest won “Best Nutrient Company” so many times!

What is in the Emerald Harvest 2 Part Cali Pro Kick Starter kit?

Cali Pro Grow A&B – A 2 part vegetating nutrient that gives plants everything they need for vigorous and healthy growth. This sets the plant up ready for a heavy flowering phase.

Cali Pro Bloom A&B – A 2 part flowering nutrient that has everything a plant needs for profuse flowering and healthy growth right up to harvest.

Emerald Goddess – Premium grade plant tonic that boosts health and yields. Contains some of the best plant friendly products available including alfalfa, humic acid and B vitamins.

Honey Chome – Intensifies fragrances and flavours of the crop by increasing essential oil content. Contains some NPK ingredients as well as carbohydrates from palm sugar and agave nectar.

Root Wizard – Massive root builder that helps deliver professional results! Includes endomycorrhizal fungi and bacterial spores that increase root health and nutrient uptake.

King Kola – Powerful bloom booster that has the single purpose of creating bigger, heavier flowers. Contains proteins from plant sources which are far more usable than those from other manufacturers.

Other Emerald Harvest products.

The above products are enough to show you the quality and effect of Emerald Harvest products, but there are a couple more available should you need. These include Sturdy Stalk (silicon additive) and Cal-Mag (Calcium and Magnesium). If you would prefer a 3 part starter kit, there is one available. You can see it on our website by clicking here.

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