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Euro Reflector



The Euro Reflector is one of the most popular reflectors in the hydroponics community. It is an open end type shade that is the most cost effective option you can get for mounting and reflecting a lamp. The Euro Reflector has a strong metal backbone and wings made of hammered, dimpled, anodised aluminium. Both professionals and beginners use these reflectors because they are cheap to replace and easy to use. The open end design allows heat to escape from the unit, helping to prevent heat building up underneath. They are suitable for grow lights from 150w to 600w and are the perfect entry level reflector for beginners.

The Euro Reflector is also available as part of lighting kits on the Straight Up Hydroponics website. The kit price discount means you are getting even more value for money than when you buy it separately. They come ready to use, needing no assembly from the user. Just plug into the ballast and off you go! They are ideal for use with ratchet hangers which will support the reflector evenly at both ends. On the shades backbone there are 2 loops that can pop up to attach hangers to. They come flat to ensure no damage occurs during transit!

What alternatives are there to the Euro Reflector?

If you are looking for a reflector to upgrade your kit, or you just like quality stuff, Straight Up Hydroponics has options! Many growers opt for a Supernova Reflector as next step after the Euro reflector. We also have vertical mount parabolics, air cooling reflectors and adjustable versions too. There is sure to be something you like in our lighting section. You can see what we have available by clicking on this link. Most of these reflectors are also available as part of a lighting kit with ballast, reflector and lamp, increasing value for money.



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