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Fabric Pot – SmartGro/Dirt Pot


£1.50 – £7.00


Fabric pots are becoming a favourite option by many growers because of the unique benefits the material offers. Being permeable, air can circulate around the root zone easier than a plastic pot which can only do so from the top this results in better gas exchange and more oxygen being available to the roots, this stimulates growth and therefore nutrient uptake over the life of the plant and can result in a bigger harvest, another benefit of a fabric pot is the ability to maintain ambient temperatures in the root zone cooling and warming occurs faster, meaning a better overall environment for your plants. The fabric pots are designed to allow the roots to grow through causing an air-pruning effect which reduces the chances of the plant being root bound and resulting in a better root zone.

The Fabric pots feature reinforced seams and strength tested fabric which helps to prevent tearing when supporting even the heaviest crops, this ensures a decent working life of your pots and allows multiple grows from them before they need replacing. Being fabric, they are also fold-able for storage or transport, taking up less space than the equivalent number of plastic pots. Included in to the design are handles to allow easier moving of your crops and loops to take bamboo canes for extra plant support.


At Straight Up Hydroponics, we can order a large variety of fabric pots from 4 litres to a massive 1514 litres! There are so many variations that we cannot keep them all in stock. Please call your local branch for prices and delivery time! In the meantime, you will likely want something to put in your pots. To have a look at what we have available, please click here!

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