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Fanflow Pro 315mm Extraction fan



The Fanflow Pro 315mm Extraction Fan is available as an alternative to the RVK 315A fan. It extracts a vast amount of air from the grow room and has a rating of 1900 cubic meters per hour. This extra over the RVK makes it suitable for even larger spaces and, depending on your needs, may warrant a longer carbon filter. If you do need one, we can order on for you if we don’t stock what you want!

The German design and high quality parts make this a great option for your ventilation system. They come with a plug and wire so are ready to go, out of the box. The top quality bearings in the motor help reduce noise while increasing lifespan. The Fanflow Pro 315mm Extraction Fan also come with a fabric strap around the middle to help dampen any escaping noise.

What are the alternatives to the Fanflow Pro 315mm Extraction Fan?

There are a couple of other options when it comes to fans. Gekko fans, for example, are wooden box types that can shift up to 4250 m/3 per hour. They are available in a large number of variations too! The RVK is a similar sort of fn but moves less air, at around 1300 m/3 per hour. All of these products are on our website, here. If you have your eye on something specific, please feel free to ask us if we can source it for you! There is only so much room on our shelves and so many manufacturers of fans!
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