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Ferocious Premium Plant Optimzer


Ferocious Premium Plant Optimizer is a plant additive that supplies plants with concentrated hydrogen and oxygen in an easily usable form. Base nutrients will contain the macro elements nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, but these are not the only vital elements a plant needs. First and foremost a plant needs carbon, hydrogen and oxygen to generate carbohydrates (sugars etc) to fuel all aspects of growth. These elements are available in nature for plants, but Ferocious ensures there is a plentiful supply of oxygen and hydrogen for unhindered carbohydrate synthesis. With this unrestricted energy production comes enhancements to growth, flowering and fruit production. Ferocious Premium Plant Optimizer will also assist in the absorption of other nutrients through the roots, further improving performance.

Plants that are given Ferocious Premium Plant Optimizer in 3rd party lab tests have been shown  yield increases of between 11-30%.  The unique formula strengthens the cellular structure of plants for better resistance against disease as well as being able to better support itself and a large yield. Spaces between internodes is shortened for more compact, sturdy growth while flowering sites increase.

Ferocious is a plant additive and should not be used to replace any part of your current nutrient regime. The NPK values are 0-0-0 so will do little to alter the EC level in the nutrient mix. All ingredients in the bottle are non-malodourous, non-fuming and naturally found in nature. They help solubilize nutrients by breaking them down into smaller particles and add oxygen and hydrogen to the rootzone. The end harvest potency and quality is not affected and there is no detectable residue left in the consumables.

Alternatives to Ferocious Premium Plant Optimizer

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a wide range of product that boost plant performance and yields, but only Ferocious purports to increase oxygen and hydrogen. All of our boosters are online and you can see them by clicking here.

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