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Fish Sh!t Organic Soil Conditioner


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Fish Sh!t is a soil conditioner, brought to you by Fish Head Farms, Rhode Island, USA. It is made by feeding tilapia fish a specially selected food that, when digested, lends itself very well to bacteria and microorganism growth. It contains a complete ecosystem in the bottle that rapidly creates a symbiotic relationship with roots. The whole rhizosphere will be a healthier more vibrant place where nutrients are absorbed at higher rates, for enhanced growth. By out competing bad bacteria, there is far less chance of disease and rot being able to set in. Fish Sh!t encourages the generation of terpenes and flavonoids, increasing the flavours, aromas and quality of your harvest.

Fish Sh!t is a very versatile product and is great for use at any stage and for many situations. For young plants, it will assist in root formation and health, helping to raise success rates of cuttings and seedlings. Using Fish Sh!t just before transplanting the plants helps eliminate stress and transplant shock. It can, of course, be used through the whole grow and bloom phase, boosting final yields by up to 20%!. You can even flush your plants with it as Fish Sh!t helps break down salts and nutrient build up. There really are a lot of reasons to consider using it in you garden!
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