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Floor Secure Sheeting 4m x 25m



Sometimes, peace of mind is worth paying for! Floor Secure Sheeting comes as a pre-cut roll, measuring 4m x 25m, covering a huge 100 square metres! It is thicker than reflective sheeting that goes on the wall and is tough enough for you to walk on and do all your gardening on. Floor Secure Sheeting will save you the worry and expense of water damage should a leak occur somewhere in your garden. This can be bad enough in a house, where carpets or laminate flooring can sustain water damage. If you are in a flat, however, a leak can prove disastrous and cause all sorts of neighbourly  problems!

What are the other features of Floor Secure Sheeting?

Floor Secure is manufactured in the UK and adheres to a high standard of production. It is fully food grade so is safe for organic materials including your plants. Many cheap sheetings contain materials that break down under bright lights. Not only can this weaken the sheet, but it can release gasses into your grow room that can be toxic. Floor Secure Sheeting is a guaranteed non-gassing product that is completely safe to use. It is non rip and will stand up to a good scrubbing between grows and with a good mopping, you can return it to (nearly) new condition!

At Straight up Hydroponics, we have a few other types of sheeting, but this one is the only one for the floor. If you are fitting out a room and want some reflective material to increase light, please click this link.

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