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Flower Boost (Pack of 6)


BioGreen Flower Boost is high dose potassium and phosphorus booster that also contains a range of other plant beneficial ingredients. PK elements are used in larger volumes during the development of flowers and fruits. By adding more to the nutrient solution, the plant will have everything it needs to flower explosively without restriction. Other ingredients include magnesium, kierserite, vitamin B2, amino acids, microelements and sugar.

Flower Boost is for use during the later stages of a plants life cycle, where it boosts the plant at a time where it might otherwise be slowing down. You can use it to take over from PK 13/14, upping the potassium and phosphorus level from 13/14 to 31/21. Please be careful not to over dose the plant with PK, as it can be detrimental to health. Always follow the manufacturers schedule for best results. Flower Boost is an either/ or product when it comes to X-Blast; don’t use them both together! Doses at 1-2 sachets per 100L of water.

Alternatives to BioGreen Flower Boost

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we also stock Shooting Powder from House and Garden, which is another heavy hitting PK. Other powder based nutrients for potassium and phosphorus include Bud Booster, Ton ‘O Bud, Beastie Blooms and more. All of these products are on our website, and you can have a look through them by clicking here.

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