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BioGreen Garlic is made for the eradication and protection from insects and diseases. Garlic has long been known to have a deterring effects on bugs as well as anti-fungal properties. Using it as part of your nutrient regime will give your plants a natural defence against these pests, leaving them to grow without stress.

Many garlic products are made using garlic powder in water to give a quick use product but aren’t always the most effective. BioGreen Garlic is made using a two-step production process, placing fresh, cut and fermented garlic bulbs and ginger in tanks without oxygen for several months (polar extraction), followed by the a-polar extraction. As a result, the content of the active ingredients is higher and quality damage due to oxidation by oxygen from the air is avoided. Garlic is perfect for use in any garden and with any nutrient system. It has controls and deters a vast number of insects, including thrips which are usually hard to stop as they live around the roots. Garlic absorbs into the plant, protecting it from within.

A tip from the manufacturer if you already have an insect problem; give your plants Garlic and place a fresh head of lettuce in amongst the plants. The bugs will stop eating your plants and start attacking the lettuce. After a short time, you can throw a bag over the lettuce, trapping the insects, then throw it away. The active components are completely absorbed by the plant and leave no residues in the tissues. In other words, your end harvest won’t taste like garlic!

Alternatives to BioGreen Garlic

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a range of insect killers and control products available. These include chemical type sprays, insect traps, foggers, sulphur burners and more. All of these products are on our website, and you can see them by following this link.

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