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Gekko Acoustic Box Fan

SKU: GEK150/1000

£215.00 – £330.00

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the number of options available for the Gekko Fan, we order these in upon request, subject to full payment.

The Gekko Acoustic Box Fan is made in the UK and uses top quality components. The result is a fan that runs at low volumes but still gives outstanding air flows. The fans include a Torin Sifan motor and are available in airflow options from 1000m3/h to a massive 4250m3/h. As with any fan, the faster the airflow, the more noise you’ll likely get from air movement. We recommend using acoustic fan ducting and appropriate metal duct pieces to combat this.

The material that make up the box of the Gekko fan is moisture resistant MDF. The fibrous nature of which will help dampen noise levels from within. The smaller sizes come with 4 eyelet bolt with which it can be hung, but the larger motor fans will need a more heavy duty solution. We find most folks simply rest them on the floor, on a piece of soundproof material such as polystyrene.

Why are Gekko fans priced the way they are?

The Gekko fan price variation comes from the cost of the motor inside, not from the diameter of the ducting. That’s because on these fans, the diameter is basically just a hole cut into the front with a spigot. The power and airspeed of the fans are what costs here! Each fan comes with an IEC power cord, meaning it is ready to go when you pick it up. Also, each fan has its airflow speed engraved onto the side of the box, along with a picture of a Gekko! Most handy if you have 2 fans of the same diameter for intake an outtake, as there won’t be a mix up!

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few options for reducing noise from fans. They include acoustic ducting, A.V Clips and metal ducting pieces. To see what we have, please click on this link.

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