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Optimum Segment Timer



The Optimum Segment Timer is a very reliable mechanical timer. Segment timers play a vital role in the grow room, controlling everything from light cycles to irrigation water pumps. With such a vital role it is important to invest in a timer you can rely on.
Please be aware that if using Optimum Segment Timers to control HID lighting systems, you should use a Contactor. This protects the timer from damage by the start-up power surge of the lighting ballast.

How to use the Optimum Segment Timer

Optimum Segment Timers are easy to operate and have ON, OFF and TIMER settings. The timer doesn’t need removing from the set-up if you wish to have your electrical device on continuously or off. Optimum Segment Timers are ideal for controlling Compact Fluorescent Lamps as those lights are self-ballasting and do not have a power surge on start-up. They are also a good choice if you wish to time your water pump. They make it easy to regulate the amount of nutrient solution to your plants via your hydroponics irrigation system.

These timers are also suitable for controlling grow room ventilation fans. But remember, as stated previously, if you wish to operate High Intensity Discharge Lighting using an Optimum Segment Timer it is vital that you invest in a contactor. Contactors used in conjunction with a Optimum timer cab run either 1, 2 or 4 HID lights. Alternatively, you can run one HID lighting system of up to 600w using a Heavy Duty Timer. To run more than one lighting system, Heavy Duty Contactors incorporate segment timers and are available in 4-socket, 6-socket or 8-socket configurations. Make sure you never cut corners with timing products for HID lighting as a fault with the timer can irrevocably damage the health of your plants.

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