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GroGreen Garden Hose Filter


The GroGreen Garden Hose Filter is very useful for increasing the quality of the water you give ton your plants. It attaches to a garden tap using the fitting in the pack or you can set it up in the middle of a length of hose using the extra fittings. The Hose Filter contains a custom blend of Earth friendly catalytic carbon and KDF media; the carbon filters out the particles and the KDF inhibits bacterial growth.

The GroGreen Garden Hose Filter will remove chlorine, tastes and odours, sediment, volatile organic compounds, chemicals, rust and iron particles. The water will be cleaner and purer, giving plants a healthier source for enhanced growth. Chlorine and chloramines added to water to make sure it reaches the end user in as sterile as it can be. While it’s job is great for that, giving it to plants can kill off beneficial bacteria and upset the biodiversity around the rootzone. By removing it and all the other organic compounds, your plants will have a healthier root system and any bio teas, soil amendment or organic additives you give them will be able to work at maximum effectiveness.

The flow rate on these units is 2 gallons per minute. They have a customized flow restrictor to ensure the water stays in contact with the filtering materials for the optimum time. Total life span of the unit is 8,000 gallons (about 30,000 litres). Ideal operating temperature is between 0 and 38 degrees Celsius, and flow pressure should be between 20 and 100 psi.

Alternatives to the GroGreen Garden Hose Filter

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few other filters available for filtering water supplies. These include the GrowMax Eco Filter and the GrowMAx Mega Grow RO machine. All of these are on our website under “Water Filters” and you can g there by clicking here!

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