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Hailea 100mm Airstones


The Hailea 100mm Airstone is a great way to keep small to medium size tanks oxygenated. The large surface area allows a large number or bubbles to escape, dissolving lots of oxygen into the water. This boosts growth in the root zone, giving the plants a strong and healthy base from which to grow. The plant will also grow quicker with higher access to oxygen as they are not limited by a lack of this essential gas.

Another advantage of oxygenating water is it helps keep anaerobic bacteria at bay. These nasties can cause root diseases if left unchecked. It also stops water becoming stagnant, (oxygen depleted) which can lead to all manner of issues. The Hailea 100mm Airstone is very easy to use. Simply connect to an air pump using a length of airline (sold separately) and place into the water tank. Ideally, you should soak airstones for a while before first use. This stops air channels forming inside the stone, which reduce the surface area the bubbles escape from. Fits standard 4mm airline.

Alternatives to the Hailea 100mm Airstone

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a couple of other airstones available, with the Golf Ball being quite popular! We also have air pumps and air lines as well as deep water culture systems, should you need one. Our aeration products are on our website and you can see them by clicking here.

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