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Hanging Chain


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Hanging Chain or “Jack” chain has many uses around the grow room such as hanging lights, suspending filters and ducting. It is also suitable for helping support ducting if you need to guide in specific direction. At Straight Up Hydroponics, we sell Hanging Chain be the metre or in a pre-pack box of 10m.

Hanging Chain is a great option when you have a heavier item such as long, wide filters or reflectors that use glass. Regular hangers may very well be up to the task, but by using chain you can be sure there won’t be anything falling onto plants! This is a great option if you do not have room in growing area for a carbon filter stand. These support the filter from below meaning no chance of it falling, but they do take up floor space.

As well as the grow room, Hanging Chain is suitable for use anywhere you might need a length of chain. While it is strong enough for general use, it’s probably best to not go towing cars with it!

What else can I use instead of Hanging Chain?

While Hanging Chain is great in it’s own right, it does have a disadvantage when comparing hanging methods. It is not really adjustable. True, you can raise the light and rehook the chain on a different link, but it isn’t always that easy. At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few other hangers that are adjustable. You can find these on our website by clicking here. Alternatively, there is the RAM Filter Stand which may suit your needs better, especially if you have a huge filter!

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