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Stewart Large Heated Propagator


In the warmer months, propagators usually get enough warmth from ambient temperatures or from the lights. During the colder months, relying on this can be a bit hit and miss, because temperatures drop a fair bit. In these conditions, cuttings or seeds can struggle to develop efficiently. The Stewart Large Heated Propagator is made with a low wattage heat pad in the base which will keep the temperature around the rooting area at a steady 15 – 20 degrees Celsius. This will help increase root development speed and so lead to earlier potting up.

The propagator will also help maintain a more humid environment for your cuttings and seedlings. Very young plants in a propagator need 100% humidity as more water is lost through the leaves than the plants can take up. This is especially true of cuttings that have no roots. The Stewart Large Propagator comes with adjustable vent holes in the top. These are for adjusting the conditions if it gets too warm or cold, too humid or dry. The Dimensions of this propagator is 52cm x 42cm x 28cm.

What can I use alongside the Stewart Large Heated Propagator?

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a range of products that help in the early stages of plant life. Many people under estimate the importance of this part of a plants life and can rather neglect it! Get it right and your plants will have a huge advantage and your success rate for clones will rise. To see what we have available, you can see them by clicking on this link.

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