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Heavy Duty 8 Way Contactor



The Heavy Duty 8 Way Contactor with Timer is a light controller with high production values. It comes from a UK manufacturer that use only the highest quality components, including a Grasslin timer. The Heavy Duty Contactor is ever popular with growers as they offer peace of mind when they are not around. It will switch your lights on and off to your needs, all set on the segment timer. Simply set how long you want your lights on and off for, usually 12 or 18 hours on, depending on grow phase. Make sure the main control switch is in the middle, which makes the segments active. Job done! The timer will go round and round, switching the lights on and off over and over, until you change it.

The Heavy Duty 8 Way Contactor with Timer switches the electrical load away from the timer. HID lamps are high power products, especially on start up and this can easily damage timers. By directing electricity away from the timer, the unit protects it while still allowing full power to the ballasts. These units require 2 plug sockets to operate which should plug straight into the wall. Total capacity must not exceed 26 amps.

The Heavy Duty 8 Way Contactor with Timer can operate the following lighting systems:

8x 250watt light units
8x 400watt light units
8x 600watt light units
4x 1000watt light units

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a few other timers and contactors. The 2 and 4 way standard contactors are a lower cost choice, but will need a separate timer to control the lights. You can see these options on our site, here. We do also have access to commercial grade contactors should you need a bigger unit. Some of these are capable of running up to 28 lights, but we would need to order them in special. Please call us for the latest prices on these pro grade contactor units!

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