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Hesi Phosphorus Plus


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Hesi Phosphorus Plus is a powerful PK flowering booster for Soil. It can also be used as an additive when your plants are deficient in phosphorus, although this doesn’t occur too often. Hesi Phosphorus Plus also contains potassium in its formulation, which makes it a well rounded PK additive. Use it alongside Hesi Bloom Complex during the second half of the flowering phase. This will increase flower potential as the plant has more access to the building blocks of successful fruiting!

The potassium helps improve the quality of your flowers and fruits and helps with the plants starch production. With a plentiful supply of potassium, your plants are free to develop fruits with superior taste and fragrance. The phosphorus is important in metabolic processes and assists the plant in taking up other elements it needs. This in turn promotes a good, strong harvest. The PK levels of Hesi Phoshorus Plus are 7-5. You may have noticed this is lower than some other phosphorus and potassium additives. The reason being  soil already contains some of these elements, naturally. Too much added could prove detrimental to plant development as the risk of nutrient lock out increases.

At Straight Up hydroponics, we always suggest following the manufacturers grow schedule. If anyone knows how best to use their products, it’s them! This will ensure your plants get all the nutrition they need, right when they need it. Your plants will be pushed to their maximum potential and more likely to deliver a satisfying harvest. Never mix nutrient concentrate in neat form. They could react badly and adversely affect your plants. Elements can bind together and become unavailable for absorption. This can easily result in malnutrition and the need to take corrective measures.

Alternatives to Hesi Phosphorus Plus

If you are after other PK additives, you can find them under additives on our website by clicking this link!

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