In this blog we’ll be taking a look at the range of Grow Room Ventilation accessories available at Straight Up Hydroponics.

The single most vital piece of equipment in grow room ventilation is of course your extraction fan. Removing stale air and replacing it with fresh will provide the levels of carbon dioxide your plants need in order to thrive. An intake fan will assist if passive fresh air intake in not adequate, and including a carbon air filter in your air extraction set-up will remove unpleasant smells from the stale air as it is extracted from the grow room.

But as well as these, there is an array of accessories that can be useful when setting up a grow room ventilation system.

Let’s take a look at some of these and how they can help.

First up are ducting clips.

Ducting ‘jubilee’ clip – grow room ventilation accessories

These handy bands connect your fan to the ventilation ducting that either leads out of the grow room with an extraction fan or into the grow room with an intake fan.

You will need a screwdriver to tighten the ducting clip. Another way of connecting ducting or other pieces of ventilation equipment is to use an Anti-Vibration (A.V.) ducting clip.

Anti-Vibration Ducting Clip – grow room ventilation accessories

These have a layer of neoprene inside a thick metal ring to dampen vibration and thereby reduce noise in the ventilation set-up.

Again, you will require a screwdriver to tighten the AV ducting clip to create an airtight seal between the two pieces of equipment. AV clamps are particularly useful for connecting an extraction fan directly to a carbon filter or a silencer.

Ducting clips are great for connecting the flanges of pieces of ventilation equipment of the same size, but what if you want to connect equipment with different size connecting flanges, for instance a 100mm fan with a 125mm carbon filter. For this task you will need a reducer!

Reducer – grow room ventilation accessories

Reducers come in a wide range of options to connect different 100mm, 125mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm or 315mm sizes. We do not, however, recommend using a reducer to connect an extraction fan with a carbon air filter with a smaller fitting, as this could damage the carbon layer of the filter and reduce its capacity to remove grow room odours.

Next up in our range of grow room ventilation accessories we have flanges and spigots. These are used to attach the ventilation ducting to the wall where the outlet is situated.

Ventilation flange – grow room ventilation accessories

Spigot – grow room ventilation accessories

In the range of grow room ventilation accessories another convenient piece of metalwork to use where the ducting attached to the exit route of the ventilation set-up is a back-draft shutter.

Back draft shutter – grow room ventilation accessories

As you can see, these useful fittings allow air to pass through them in one direction only. The air can get out, but it can’t get in!

Is that all the metal ventilation fittings on sale at Straight Up Hydro, you ask. No, there are plenty more to come. This is a metal Y Piece:

Metal Y Piece – grow room ventilation accessories

This is used to divide one channel of ducting into two channels. Can also be used to provide air intake to two grow rooms using just one intake fan. Handy or what!!?

The T Piece is a variation on the same idea:

Metal T Piece – grow room ventilation accessories

One more piece of metalwork you might need is a connecting piece. These are used to connect two lengths of ducting…

Metal connecting piece – grow room ventilation accessories

We hoped you enjoyed having a look at our metal ventilation fittings. We love metalwork here at Straight Up Hydro! But ventilation accessories aren’t all made of metal, and we have one more essential grow room item no hydroponics grower should be without.

Duct tape! Use it instead of ducting clips to attach a carbon filter to a fan…use it to attach reflective sheeting to the grow room wall…so many uses, such a vital grow room product. And available at Straight Up Hydro as foil, cloth or super-large X-Weave!