Phosphorus is another element that is very important for plants as it plays a role in many processes. It is known as a “macro” element and is the “P” part of the NPK ratio. Phosphorus makes up a key component of nucleic acid in plants and assists in the regulation of cell division. It’s also very important in protein synthesis, root development and the proper maturing of the plant. As well as that, phosphorus makes up a key part of DNA, which contains the genetic code of all living things. It is also part of RNA, which “reads” the DNA, driving the building of proteins and other compounds. Finally, ATP contains phosphorus too. This is a molecule that is used during photosynthesis and assists in converting CO2 into sugars. A lack of phosphorus will have a serious effect on the plant as it will be unable to compete important production cycles.

Phosphorus deficiency

How can you tell if a plant has a lack of phosphorus? There are a few telltale signs, and like any deficiency you need to know what to look for. Firstly, is the plant generally smaller than expected? If it also has little or no flowers and a weak root system, you could well have too little phosphorus. Some plants will also pick up a slight purplish cast or a different shade of green than usual, sometimes somewhat lighter in tone. So how do you treat a deficiency? If you are an organic gardener and want more natural solutions, you can use either bone meal or rock phosphate to treat it.

At Straight Up Hydroponics, we have a range of products for treating a deficiency or for general fertilization. Pretty much all base feeds and flower boosters contain phosphorus in some ratio or another as it is simply to important to not include. We stock, as purely phosphorus additives, RAW Phosphorus or Canna Mono Phosphorus. There are others available on our website! You can have a look at what we have available by clicking here!